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            Jay DelauneJay Delaune 
            We're successfully using a Lightning "Detail Page Button" on a custom object record to launch a Salesforce report (also built in Lightning) and pass a Record ID using the URL along with ?fv0={!<custom object API name>.<field API name> as the Content Source. 

            Our challenge is that it works fine for Admins but for other users with less permission (although edit access to the launching record and "Run Reports" permissions,) the Record ID doesn't get applied as a filter, and they just get the full, unfiltered report. 
            The report URL does show the filter parameters w the Record ID. And, when "logged in as", although we get the full report, we can manually add a filter using the Record ID visible in the Report URL, and it filters as expected - so the user does have the permissions for those actions.

            I'm not finding info about what other permissions need to be modified - any suggestions would be much appreciated!
            Here's a Salesforce help article that details the process and says "run reports" is the only permission required: Filter Reports Via URL Parameters in Lightning Experience (https://help./articleView?id=reports_filter_url.htm&type=5)
            Thanks in advance! 
            Best Answer chosen by Jay Delaune
            Evan PonterEvan Ponter
            Hi Jay,

            In addition to everything recommended here, I'd elaborate to say: check the field level security for the affected user's profile/permission set on the custom "Case_RecordId" field on the Treatment_Plan custom object. They need at least "view" access for this field. They also need read access to the object this lookup field points to.
            Rohit ShettyRohit Shetty 
            It says Looks like there was a problem and can't finish the setup. I've given it time and also searched to make sure that I have chat enabled for the user(me) I'm selecting. Cannot find a resolution.

            Chat Agent Guided Setup Flow
            Best Answer chosen by Rohit Shetty
            Dnyaneshwar AghawDnyaneshwar Aghaw
            I'm doing the challenge of "Build a custom Offer object ", creating an offer object and 2 fields. It seems an easy task, however, I got the error of "Challenge not yet complete in My Trailhead Playground 1" again and again. I reviewed everything I did, all the object and fields had been created with the same names. I cannot find the problem. Thanks, everyone!
            Best Answer chosen by WEICONG FENG
            Manasa UdupiManasa Udupi
            Hi All,

            Looks like its fixed, one of the trailblazer posted in : https://success./answers?id=9063A000000aF34QAE

            Post which i verified in a new playground, it seems to be working now. Please give it a try:)

            Ad AAd A 
            Hi. I need some help here!  We have a custom field that is a picklist (picklist A) and if  “Pending”  is selected, then the object Status picklist cannot be set to “Completed”. 
            Best Answer chosen by Ad A
            Tony TrinhTony Trinh
            Hello Adria,

            Try this:
            ISPICKVAL(Picklist_A__c, "Pending"),
            ISPICKVAL(Status__c, "Completed")
            Stephen ChilcoatStephen Chilcoat 
            When I try to do this, the folder seems to save to the public reports folder instead.
            Best Answer chosen by Stephen Chilcoat
            Thomas LangeThomas Lange
            According to the Summer '18 release notes, "Subfolders can be created only in user-created folders. You can’t create a subfolder in your Private folder or the Public folder."https://releasenotes.docs./en-us/summer18/release-notes/rn_rd_folders_organize.htm

            Here's an Idea you can vote on for this functionality: https://success./ideaView?id=0873A000000PZnsQAG
            Steve FerreeSteve Ferree 
            I noticed a glitch in Process Builder- The scheduled actions disappear when I choose When a Record is Created or Edited, it's there and accessible if I choose Only when a record is created. I tried this on the Opportunity Object and the Case Object- 
            Best Answer chosen by Steve Ferree
            Deepak AnandDeepak Anand
            You'll have to check this option:
            User-added image
            Brenda HarwellBrenda Harwell 

            I need help altering the formula below, to add the following requirement:
            IF Bid_Date__c is equal to or greater than TODAY(), then the below result is true.  Conversely, if Bid_Date__c is less than TODAY(), then NULL.

            The original formula below works and triggers a date field used to trigger a process builder scheduled email alert.  But if the evaluated field "Bid Date" is less than TODAY, we don't want the email alert to fire.  

            Bid_Date__c -
            MOD(Bid_Date__c - DATE( 1900, 1, 7 ), 7 ),
            0, (1 + 3),
            1, (2 + 3),
            2, (2 + 3),
            3, (2 + 3),
            4, 3,
            5, 3,
            6, (1 + 3),
            7, 4,

            Thanks for any assistance!
            Best Answer chosen by Brenda Harwell
            Steve MolisSteve Molis
            Hi Brenda,
            Thanks for clarifying.  So basically your (new) trigger would be something like this?
            NOT(ISBLANK([Opportunity].Bid_Date__c ) ),
            [Opportunity].Bid_Date__c >= TODAY(),
            [Opportunity].Owner.Email <> "mike@buildwithsullivan.com"

            Kavita BKavita B 
            We use amendments to
            • upgrade or downgrade subscriptions 
            • terminate subscriptions
            As I understand, we need to create renewal opportunities for extending contracts. Or is it possible to extend a contract and related subscriptions?
            Best Answer chosen by Kavita B
            Victor ShapiroVictor Shapiro
            Hi Kavita,

            I would recommend renewing contracts to "extend" them. If a customer would like to extend their contract for 6 months, you can create a renewal opportunity/quote with a Renewal Term of 6.
            John HopkinsJohn Hopkins 
            I'm finding that a quote will display a blank page when a configured product has more than 20 attributes. I tried shuffling attributes between Feature groups, and "Enable Large Configurations" in the CPQ settings; but with no change. Is this a bug or documented limitation? What do other companies do for products that have many data points to collect for configuring product?
            Best Answer chosen by John Hopkins
            John HopkinsJohn Hopkins
            Apologies! Program Troubleshooting 101:
            I discovered an API name typo in the source field after clearing all of my attributes
            and adding them back in one by one coupled with a page refresh.

            The quote line field and target field picklist entries were spelled correctly,
            but the product option had an extra letter in the API name.

            I guess my request would be to see an error message or flagged attribute instead of a blank screen
            to give some clue as to what the issue is (thought now I know what to look for).
            zille mzille m 
            Hi community people

            As a beginner in Salesforce, I need an advice from you guys

            I need to create a validation rule to prevent only numbers to be inserted into my text field; which means the alpabets, space, special characters are all allowed

            I'm using a REGEX function; NOT(REGEX(FirstName,"[a-z A-Z]")) but this doesnt allow the space and special character. Please advise

            Best Answer chosen by zille m
            Eric PraudEric Praud
            Hi Zille,

            Try this:
            REGEX( FirstName ,".*\\d.*")