Salesforce Care

Rapidly respond to customers, employees, partners, and communities in this unprecedented time.

To help companies of any size navigate this time, we’re offering our Salesforce Care solutions, backed by:
Live sessions and onboarding
Trails, webinars, guides, and an expert community
Technical support for new customers

We’re here to help you manage through this crisis with tools and support, free for 90 days*.

Employee and customer support

Respond to the urgent needs of any audience.


Help, support, and inform your customers and employees.

Now more than ever, you need to alleviate employee and customer concerns. Our new preconfigured solution gives you self-service help centers, FAQ, SMS alerts, and more. Get omni-channel workspaces for agents, AI-powered bots for customers, and peace of mind for your business. 

Keep followers engaged and in the know.

Quarantined and concerned, fans and followers are more active than ever. Listen, monitor, and engage in relevant conversations across all your social media channels.

Easily collaborate from anywhere.

With your teams working from 5360彩票平台, staying connected is a challenge. Quip combines documents, spreadsheets, and chat, so distributed teams can work together effectively. Even if you aren’t in the same place, you can stay on the same page. Get it now through September 30. 

Access and analyze trusted COVID-19 global data in our free Tableau dashboard.


Small business tools

Steer your small business forward in an uncertain time.


Put customers front and center with integrated sales and support.

Now more than ever, small businesses need the tools to connect with their customers. Salesforce Essentials is here to help you engage and be more responsive to your customers with one simple app for sales and service.

Data is changing rapidly. We can help it make sense.

Be more resilient in the face of significant change with deeper insights into your data using Tableau. Get clear, real-time visualizations, analyze your data, and make decisions with confidence in uncertain times.

We’re committing $5 million** to help small businesses around the globe weather this crisis.

**Offering $10,000 grants to US small businesses; Planned financial assistance in countries across the globe.

Health solution

Help your organization rapidly respond to patients and members.


Meet the needs of your community.

Healthcare and life sciences organizations must scale like never before. Our new Care Response Solution empowers organizations around the world to stay connected and responsive to their patients, members, employees, and partners with real-time information that increases safety and wellness.

Philanthropy platform

Step up your company’s fundraising efforts in this critical time.


Empower employees to give back.

Give employees the tools to give back to their communities with Philanthropy Cloud, free through September 30. We’ve partnered with United Way to help employees find nonprofits, volunteer, and donate to causes they care about. Sign up through June 30, 5360彩票平台, to get started for free.

App and partner ecosystem

Get prebuilt apps and solutions to meet your current needs.


Explore free and paid apps from partners.

New challenges are emerging daily. Collaborate with your team, build a business continuity plan, support your customers, and more with powerful apps from AppExchange, our partner ecosystem.

Partner Spotlight

Salesforce and Amazon Web 5360彩票平台 (AWS) join forces to help customers set up their own virtual contact centers with free credits and support for Amazon Connect. 

Get insights and tips for leading through change.

It’s tough out there, and we’re all finding new ways to organize our personal and professional lives. We’re creating articles and hosting discussions to help everyone work better together, manage smarter, and promote personal well-being.