Connect employees to causes on the first-ever global platform for giving and volunteering.

Connect employees to causes on the first-ever global platform for giving and volunteering.


Exceed your corporate social responsibility goals and boost employees’ personal impact.


Measure your company’s social impact at a glance.

View dashboards displaying individual and companywide progress toward community goals and sustainable development initiatives.

Instill a culture of impact.

Orchestrate campaigns that align employee interests and competencies. Encourage altruistic leadership and initiative to align philanthropy with your business goals.

Help your employees find causes that need their help.

Employees get recommendations for causes and volunteer activities based on location, skills, interests, and activity on the platform.

Customize your companywide philanthropy experience.

Create a branded experience for all employees and curate content to drive campaigns and celebrate the heroes in your company.

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Accelerate your CSR goals with United Way.

Let United Way, the world’s most experienced and knowledgeable nonprofit, help you align your CSR activities, organize your giving and volunteering campaigns, and report back on your impact. Connect with United Way’s extensive list of affiliated charities and causes, as well as its support and educational resources to help your employees make a difference in their communities.

Our goal with Philanthropy Cloud is to create a global network that connects companies and their employees to nonprofits at scale.”

Chief Technology & Product Officer,

Salesforce — Our Path to Impact

Boost your organization’s ability to improve the state of the world with Philanthropy Cloud.

We built Philanthropy Cloud to make giving and volunteering a cornerstone of our culture. Now, we’re offering that technology to you. Maximize your desired outcomes by organizing, customizing, and tracking your philanthropic efforts with Philanthropy Cloud, powered by the Salesforce Platform.


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